Retreats ~

Shala Sol accommodates collaborative retreats with groups that align well with our mission.  We partner with NGOs, new paradigm think-tanks, permaculture trainers, artists, ecologists, natural health practitioners, holistic nutritionists and positive change makers of many nuances.  Please contact us to receive more info or to register for upcoming scheduled retreats.

New "you" Retreat

Open your heart and reconnect

with your inner wisdom 

December 27, 2021 - January 5, 2022

Guided by Mieke Vander Heyden

A unique New ‘YOU’ Celebration to welcome in 2022 with a new sense of self-awareness and transformation to find a new perspective or direction. Leave energized with a personalized step by step action plan to bring out this new authentic version of yourself.

Join us in this wonderful retreat of 10 incredible days & 9 nights transforming and enlightening your higher self, on an exquisite inner journey in the fertile Costa Rican Diamante Valley!

  • Energizing morning practices (laughter yoga, vinyasa flow yoga, conscious dance and more)

  • Creative therapy sessions (art therapy, psychodrama, dance & movement therapy, etc.)

  • Evening activities (cacao-ceremony, sound healing, campfires and more)

  • 9 nights of cozy accommodation at Shala Sol (Options of private room with double sized beds, shared room with 1 or 2 other people)

  • Optional dorm style accommodation with maximum 6 people at neighboring facility or bring your own tent

  • Delicious organic meals prepared by Shala Sol private chef

  • Guided hikes in the jungle

  • Waterfall and beach excursions

Click to Learn more:  New 'You' Retreat

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Click to Learn more about  Creative Transformation Retreat

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creative Transformation Retreat

Travel from the mind, through creativity and embodiment into your heart 

February 12-20, 2022

Guided by Mieke Vander Heyden

  • Are you someone who is taking your own happiness to heart? Do you  feel that it’s time to find your inner joy again?

  • Do you want to create some movement in your life or enhance your own inner development?

  • Are you someone who wants to take action now and discover how creativity and embodied therapy tools can support you in your daily life?

If so, this retreat is for you and will catalyze major transformation for you to take proactive steps to awaken your creative spirit and shape-shift your life potential. Highlights include:


  • 8 nights accommodation: shared and private room options available

  • Morning yoga sessions and guided meditations- including laughter yoga and vinyasa flow for all levels

  • 3 healthy and delicious organic meals daily 

  • Evening Activities: Cacao Ceremony, Sound Healing, Campfires, etc

  • Creative therapy sessions (art therapy, psychodrama, dance & movement therapy and more)

  • Ocean and Waterfall Excursions

  • Guided Jungle hikes and more

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Women's Soul Alignment Retreat

Awaken to the full potency of your power  

February 3-11, 2022

Guided by Susannah Tedesco and Fae Belle

During this immersion, you will rediscover who you are -- from the roots of your soul — you will be guided to realign with your souls purpose and create your new life design. Disconnect from the everyday matrix, connect with your most authenthic truth, and ignite your passions to unfold the highest version of your self. Learn new perspectives on life by spending time with local Ticos healers and our guides. With thoughtful safe spaces and tools to activate and release blocks in your energy chambers, we will walk with you to create your own breakthroughs. You will be guided each day in yoga, meditation, self awareness practices, and cultural ceremonies. Walk forward refreshed, awakened and full of sparked Light to honor your souls true calling on this path to self realization.

  • Daily Yoga Sessions and Guided Meditations

  • 3 Organic & Vegetarian Meals Daily

  • Cacao Ceremony, Sound Bathing and Frequency Healing

  • Matrix Integration Session

  • Human Optimization Nutritional Workshop

  • Ocean and Waterfall Excursions

  • Daily Clay Detox Ceremony

Cacao Ceremony Facilitator Training

April 7-10, 2022 

  • In depth learning on how to host cacao ceremonies

  • Vegan Breakfast, lunch, light evening meals and refreshments

  • You will receive a work book and recordings of songs and meditations

  • Cacao tree tour

  • Cacao Ceremony x2

  • 4 nights accommodation 


During the day we will delve into all the various elements on how to host a cacao ceremony, from your personal connection with cacao, how to source and make ceremonial cacao. History and safety. Creating and setting a space for holding ceremony - how to create and energetic container and hold the space by maintaining your own energy for healing work to take place. How to enable cacao to work through you. You will learn about sound and using your voice in ceremony, channeling sound and mediations/prayers. We will learn songs and how to create your own songs, I will introduce you to drums and rattles. We shall look into the many way in which you can work with cacao in a ceremonial setting. You will gain a great understanding of this medicine and of yourself. We will also look into how to make a business model for serving cacao, and cover marketing and promotion.​

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Sound Medicine Training and Immersion

Next dates to be announced soon


Vyola Myst will facilitate an immersion and training on delivering sound medicine, using a variety of instruments including a 7-pc chakra set of crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, gongs, tuning forks, drums, rattles, and other sound healing instruments including our voices. The "training" is done by experiencing sound healing with Vyola and with each other, deepening our connection with sacred sound and divine vibration, thereby empowering our heart coherence and manifesting potential.
After the first day training you will be ready to deliver sound medicine to yourself, your loved ones, your community, and your retreats or healing clients. On the second day we will explore more advanced techniques to sharpen your skills with the instruments and the use of vocal resonance. Vyola will help you find ways to procure the instruments you resonate with. Her passion is to spread the power of Sound Medicine and to create a Sound Medicine community in Costa Rica and world wide and it is happening!

Check Back soon for updated Retreat offerings