Four Elements Artist Residency
NOVEMBER 1-29, 2021

This one month long art residency will work with the theme of the four elements to transform and enliven the inspiration and creative manifestations of 4-6 artists working in their preferred mediums, bringing to life the potency and curative power of earth, air, fire and water.

Anashay Amayaz and professional guest artists will co-facilitate weekly workshops in painting and illustrative technique and artistic meditations that will guide participants through the transformational power of the four elements to alchemize and catalyze new works of individual and collective art.  Each week of the residency will bring to life the potency of one of the four elements.  As a group we will hold elemental ceremonies calling in the power of each to liberate our full potential as artists creating a new era of artistic revolution.   Working with the varying energetic qualities of the elements will open portals of creative transformation.    

Throughout the month, we will have one day a week where artists residents can take a day trip to a nearby paradisal portal.  These excursions will be covered in the residency fees.  

During the last week of the residency all will have the opportunity to show their work in a public exhibition that will be co-curated by the Shala Sol collective.  

The total cost of the 4 week residency is $2000.  This includes private room accommodation with shared bathroom and 3 beautiful organic vegetarian meals daily.  

Interested applicants can apply directly by email to 

All applications are due by October 1, 2021 and may be written in English or Spanish and contain the following contents:  

·      A current artist resume

·      A description of your proposed project, 300 word maximum.

  • 6-12 images/audio/video  of recent work 

  • Image footnotes which should include title, medium, dimension, and date of each image


Shala Sol’s studio spaces are ideal for artists working in the following mediums: illustration, graphic design, painting, photography, cinematography, writing, music, movement arts, and dance. Emerging, mid-career and professional artists are encouraged to apply.