Weekly Yoga Classes


Susannah's life has been transformed in very powerful and subtle ways during the last 15 years of her unfolding yogic path.   She considers herself a lifelong student and is always seeking inspired awakening and transformation of the sacred union of mind, body and spirit.  She is passionate about empowering others to delve into the potential of shape-shifting energy and exploration of the curative ways of meditation and asana practice.  Susannah's classes draw upon the principles of breath focused vinyasa and pranayama and are suitable for both new and seasoned yogis.

Susannah Tedesco

Restorative SoL Flow ~ Wednesdays

4:30-6 pm

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Daena Weeks

Hatha Vinyasa Flow~ Fridays

8:00 -9:30 am

Daena believes breath, movement and music to be true medicine and feels deeply passionate to share this experience in her yoga classes. Though her classes are Hatha based, she likes to get creative and fuse her sequencing with other kinds of self expressive movement and Budokon Martial Arts. Staying continually curious about the dance between body and breath, she teaches with a devotion to inspire this connection within others and to encourage a lifelong journey of mindfulness and heartfelt living, on and off the mat. Her classes welcome all different levels!

Special Events and Workshops

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