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Shala Sol is nestled in the majestic Diamante Valley near Tinamastes, Costa Rica 20 minutes from the warm southern Pacific beaches of Dominical.  The center is surrounded by mountain vistas, which form an expansive backdrop of vital rainforest biodiversity, home to thousands of unique species of flora and fauna.  The valley is a gemstone of pristine natural beauty with numerous waterfalls, rivers, streams and virgen tropical forest.

We are a Collaborative Team of artists, Healers, Permaculturalists, and New Earth Visionaries that alchemize  our creativity, innate gifts, and years of experience in personal and community Development.

Susannah Tedesco- Founder

Susannah has led a passionately nuanced life close to the land as an organic farmer and permaculturalist, transformative artist, yoga instructor, natural horsemanship trainer, indigenous sovereignty activist and ally to the wilds for over a decade in the mountains of Western Canada and during the last 6 years in Costa Rica. She has worked in in the field of Arts Administration and Comprehensive Community Development with several NGOs, Indigenous Tribal councils and grassroots organizations. She harmonizes her heart centered authenticity and empowered sense of creativity in both her personal and collaborative endeavors. In addition to leading weekly yoga classes, Susannah is Director of Retreats and Artist Residencies at Shala Sol and moonlights as a painter and illustrator. For more info on her upcoming projects and ongoing classes please visit our retreats and residencies pages.

Upward Spirals -Happe Roberts and Eric baudry

Happe and Erick codirect a regenerative think tank and consulting company that helps intentional communities, small businesses, and social entrepreneurs develop organizations that are environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable. They offer their skills in social enterprise, strategic and financial planning, organizational development, systemic thinking and project management to co-create solutions to the growth challenges facing many regenerative organizations today. They are deeply driven to help bring humanity back into balance with our ecosystem for the benefit of all life and believe that humans have the responsibility and opportunity to act as conservators and enhancers of nature. For more info on collaborative opportunities with Upward Spirals visit their

website, upwardspirals.net

Ahisha Das

Ahisha’s life today is one of continuous expression of service in supporting others to connect deeply with their own hearts through the many vibrations of love, harmony, and cacao. Her journey has gone from a mainstream professional life in design and advertising to a pivotal transformation of awakened consciousness. Drawing from years of multifaceted trainings and deep immersion in plant medicine, she offers a unique experience both as a Cacao Ceremony Facilitator and sacred sound healer. She is a key collaborator at Shala Sol, in group trainings and individual healing workshops. For more info on her current offerings, check out our retreats page.

While obtaining a degree in Fine Arts and Theatre at Concordia University, Fae Belle worked seasonally in New York City as an artist assistant and sculptor for painter Priscilla Heine. During her undergrad, Fae also founded and became the artistic director for the cross-disciplinary Montreal-based arts collective, Kalyx. Over the course of four years, she hosted, curated and featured over 300 artists in live collective-creation containers. After Kalyx Collective successfully united artists from all backgrounds into co-creative spaces, received numerous grants and community recognition, Fae took her passion and skillset into the festival scene. Since entering field in 2019 on the design team of Envision Festival, she has quickly integrated into the world of Festival Production, most recently as the Lead Designer of Visionaries Retreat 2021, in Costa Rica. 

Gaining experience in the last 20+ years from practice and training around the world, Orpheus is an inspirational guide, healer, teacher, reiki master, tai chi senior instructor and Qigong practitioner.  A scholar of Chinese medicine and a Qigong Master. Orpheus received blessings from Grand Master Duan Zhi Liang, to teach this special style of Wu Ji Qigong in the west.  Additionally, Orpheus studied under Reiki Master Christine Shepperd, Australia in 2006; and acupuncture under Master healer Daniel Waldman. He holds a Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine from Sydney university (UTS) Australia, 2004 – 2007.  Orpheus specializes in working in a deeply intuitive way with individuals and groups . For more info, visit his website. orpheusb.com 

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orpheus B

FAe Belle

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Fernando Bolaños

Fernando Bolaños is an Actor and Filmmaker, as well as Kundalini Yoga Instructor who has taught for more then ten years in different countries throughout Europe and Latin America. The practice of yoga has given him deep insight and a solid doorway to open the heart and glimpse the depth of our being. He is also a Contact Improvisation Dance teacher. His background in acting provides him with vast work of body consciousness. This and other lineages of yoga, meditation, and his personal spiritual healing journey including reiki, deeksha, family constellations and use of Native American medicine has made him a powerful guide eager to share his knowledge. He has worked in many films, both acting and directing, and has a passion for surfing, scuba diving, traveling, nature and adventure. He has an intense passion to help people connect to that inner ocean of vastness where joy, love and deep peace are waiting endlessly to remind us that we have all we need within ourselves.

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Alan Razzak

After his studies at the Amsterdam Theater School Alan Razzak graduated at the Utrecht Conservatory in the class of Henny Y. Diemer. He continued vocal studies at the International Studio of Vocal Arts with tenor James McCray. After years of performing and teaching in the Netherlands, Switzerland, Croatia and Germany Alan Razzak has developed a style which is very simple, efficient and applicable for students and professionals in theatre. After teaching in the Theatre School of Amsterdam he came to live in Berlin where he worked as a voice teacher and guest teacher by LKJ Berlin-Youth Cultural Education, Wannsee Forum Education and as a singer, songwriter and vocal therapist.  He now resides in Costa Rica with his wife and two children and continues guiding private and group lessons in vocal development.

tanja Otolski

Tanja Otolski is passionate about theater and opening space for creative flow.  At the age of 18 she came in contact with Improv Theater in Berlin and since then this spontaneous and free way of connecting and co-creating is a source of inspiration and the base of her creative work as an improvisation teacher,

actress, director and playwriter.  After graduating at the Theater Academy (Utrecht School of Arts) in the

Netherlands she worked as an acting teacher for 15 years in Holland, Germany and now in Costa Rica. Tanja was artistic director of the independent theater company WildVreemd and played as an actress in various movies in

Holland.  She develops new concepts, live and online improv shows and workshops that incorporate the skills and benefits of playing improv theater.  Tanja lives in San Salvador, Costa Rica with her family and improvises her way through life.  To learn more about her work visit www.tanjaotolski.de

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